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How much water should a dog drink?

Water is not just a real elixir of life for us humans. Water is also vital for our dogs. Without food, our dogs could easily survive for a few weeks. However, if the four-legged friends do not get drinking water, the organism would stop working within a very short time.

But how much water does a dog have to drink a day?

  • As a rule of thumb,
  • 100 ml per kg body weight applies daily.

Water maintains the body’s functions

Water is important for all body functions of the dog:

  • It dissolves the components of the feed and transports the nutrients from the intestine into the bloodstream. From there, the substances are passed on to the organs and tissue.
  • The cell metabolism only works with water.
  • Metabolic products are excreted through the kidneys .
  • And regulating body temperature would not work without water.

Usually dogs take in the water they need from their food. Depending on the type of feeding, this is more or less. Wet food contains significantly more liquid than dry food.

The amount of liquid that is also required must also be taken up. It is therefore imperative that you constantly offer your darling enough fresh water .

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How much water does a dog need per day?

How much water your dog should drink per day depends on several factors.

  • Type of feed
  • activity
  • Ambient temperature

You can use the following calculator to determine whether your dog is drinking too little or too much water.

In order for the body’s functions to be maintained, the water content in the dog ‘s body must be as constant as possible. According to the excretions via faeces, urine or respiratory tract, new fluid has to be added again. Especially in summer, more and more restaurants are making free drinking water available for their four-legged guests. Especially if the innkeepers have a dog themselves.

Excreted water must be added again

The dog excretes about 20 to 50 ml of water per kg of body weight per day via the kidneys. The feces contain around 6 to 15 ml of water and a further 25 to 115 ml evaporate via the skin or breathing.

  • Wet food and fluid requirements
    If the dog is supplied with wet food , it will consume around 80 percent of the required amount of water. Dog owners must then assume that an additional 5 to 10 ml of water must be added per kilogram of body weight.
  • Dry food and fluid
    requirements With dry feed, the water requirement naturally increases significantly.


If the dog lacks water, this is released from the muscles or tissue. The result is dehydration. The skin fold test can be used to determine whether and to what extent a dog is dehydrated . To do this, pull up the skin on the dog’s neck. You must immediately return to the starting position.

If the skin stays up and retracts slowly, the animal is dehydrated and needs fluid as soon as possible. The oral mucosa is also a good indicator. To do this, press the mucous membrane with a finger. The color should change from white to pink again within a second. If the mucous membrane remains white for longer, there is a risk of circulatory problems.

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Diarrhea can lead to dehydration

In the case of diarrhea, water shortages can become a life-threatening problem. In the case of diarrhea , pay close attention to how much your animal drinks. In the case of illness, water is often not so readily accepted. You can remedy this with a little broth in drinking water . The dogs usually drink the water when it has a little taste.

When walking your pet, you should keep a close eye on your darling.

  • Puddles or natural waters are often polluted with fertilizers or pesticides.
  • The bacterial load is particularly high in muddy waters.

Therefore, do not let your pet drink on such occasions, as this favors diarrhea. At Amazon you can see water bottles for dogs . The bottle cap also serves as a bowl. We compare the best drinking bottles here in the article ” Dog drinking bottle for on the go “. So you always have fresh water at hand and your dog never has to thirst!

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