Does the ginger cat have a special character?

The ginger cat is the house cat stereotype that every family dreams of owning. It’s hard to explain, but this coat seems to create a fascination in humans.

The over-mediation of which it is the object is surely at the origin, but that does not explain everything. Is this craze for the red-orange or ginger-haired cat rather because of its special character? Explanations.

Red cat: where does it come from?

Contrary to what one might think, the ginger cat is not a breed in its own right. In reality, all cat breeds are likely to have a red coat. It is, however, frequently found in the Maine Coons, the world’s largest cat and the Persian cat.

The Norwegian cat and the British Shorthair can also know red versions. Generally speaking, red cats are always males, just as tortoiseshell cats are predominantly female.

The explanation is genetic. The red color appears in fact in the presence of a particular pigment called Pheomelanin, a pigment produced by the cells of the skin. This is the same pigment that causes the reddish color in humans and many other mammals.

Pheomelanin is present in all species, but only those who have it in large quantities will develop a red coat.

For genetic reasons, the pigment is more likely to appear in large quantities in male cats than in females, but that does not mean that there is no such thing as a red cat.

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The ginger cat seen by the media

According to the media, the ginger cat has a particular character, especially if we refer to the most famous character that the animal has embodied: Garfield, a greedy and lazy cat who takes pleasure in annoying his master and his dog friend. It thus represents the image of an animal with a strong character.

The choice of a ginger cat in the movie Shrek is certainly not a coincidence. In this animated film, the Puss in Boots, who is red, is an individualistic and charming character.

He likes to play on his touching nature to get his enemies to let their guard down and once that happens he goes on the attack. Deemed to be arrogant and talkative, he runs away from the company when it gets a little too cumbersome. Of course,

The ginger cat according to the owners

Even though most people think that a cat’s coat color does not affect its character in any way, owners of ginger cats don’t see it that way.

Many say their ginger cats are more affectionate, almost as affectionate as a dog. By the way, a British veterinarian by the name of David Taylor conducted studies on cats with different coats during his lifetime.

According to his book The Ultimate Cat published in 1989, red-haired cats are more outgoing and friendly than others.

Photo by Artur Kornakov on Unsplash

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