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Castle Dream Meaning & Interpretation

A castle is a defense structure that is self-contained and habitable. Especially in the Middle Ages , the castle played an important role, was built by the nobility and served as a protected residence for them.

A castle usually includes a moat or a wall to protect against hostile approaches, towers for a good all-round view, a residential and economic area and an economically used inner courtyard for the care of the castle residents. The water supply came from a castle well or cisterns that collected rainwater. Each resident had his task: there were the watchmen for the day, who watched the area and guarded the gate, the night watchmen , the cooks, servants and minstrels for entertainment.

Therefore, colloquially the medieval housing and fortifications are usually meant when a castle is spoken of. This also applies to the castles that appear frequently in dream plots.

Dream symbol “castle” – the general interpretation

Since the castle is traditionally a place of refuge, it symbolizes protection from impending danger even in the dream world . Sometimes it can also indicate the thirst for adventure of the dreaming, but mostly the warning of danger in connection with this dream image predominates.

If the dreaming lives in a castle, then on the one hand there is a certain satisfaction with his life, but also the need for protection and distance from the rest of the world.



If the dreamed castle is locked, then the dreaming will feel resistance in his plans. Perhaps he will also experience something unexpected. If the dreaming enters a castle in the dream world, then an adventure announces itself . However, this adventure can end in doubt.

If a burning castle with a lot of smoke can be seen in the dream world, the region will have to experience difficult times . A castle ruin reminds the dreaming of better times. In addition, she points to the mental imbalance of the dreaming. Therefore, the castle ruins are also a sign of emotional disruption.

If the dreaming is kept imprisoned in a castle, it shows that the dreaming is caught by old attitudes and cannot free himself. But if he tries to break into a castle, then he has recognized the difficulties and will overcome them. If you see armor in a castle in your dream , you should often be shown your need for protection.

Dream symbol “castle” – the psychological interpretation



In the psychological dream interpretation, the castle symbolizes the closed private sphere. Besides, the castle stands for the difficulties which the dreaming has in achieving his goals. Safety and security are further aspects that are attributed to the castle in dream research, especially in those cases in which the dreamed building is surrounded by a moat or palisade .

The life in a castle sometimes also shows that the dreaming suffers from a fear of failure or at least from inhibitions . If the dreaming stays above all in deep vaulted cellars , then this dream shows the need for maternal protection when dangers announce themselves.

But since a castle is also a popular target , it often serves as a warning for the dreaming. Mostly she wants to draw the dreaming’s attention to unexpected risks or obstacles. If the castle is starved in the dream , this can refer to a dependency, which is unpleasant to the dreamer.

Dream symbol “castle” – the spiritual interpretation

According to the spiritual dream interpretation, the castle symbolizes spiritual trials and overcoming obstacles. Thereby the dreaming will attain deeper knowledge.

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