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Can dogs eat mushrooms?

If mushrooms end up in the dog bowl, you may be asking yourself whether dogs are allowed to eat mushrooms. Mushrooms are generally considered to be very healthy. And mushrooms contain many healthy substances, especially protein.

The mushrooms are made up of 91 percent water and are therefore extremely low in calories. Mushrooms contain B group vitamins, vitamin D, iron, potassium, zinc and magnesium .

Mushrooms for dogs

In addition, mushrooms are very high in protein, which makes them the perfect meat substitute. Basically, dogs are allowed to eat mushrooms. However, mushrooms are usually difficult to digest.

This also applies to dogs. Therefore, feed mushrooms little as an addition. This mushroom is definitely not suitable as a meat substitute for dogs. Do not eat mushrooms in dog food if your dog has problems with digestion.

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Raw or cooked mushrooms for dogs

You can recognize mushrooms by their typical white or light brown hat. Slats run on the underside. You can usually store mushrooms in the refrigerator for up to five days. However, they must be dry.

Never put the mushrooms in water for washing. You will lose healthy ingredients and aroma. You should only briefly wash off residues of earth under running water. It would be even better to simply wipe with kitchen paper. For dogs you should cut the mushrooms into small pieces and steam them briefly.

Store mushrooms correctly

If you want to treat your dog to a mushroom meal every now and then, you should pay attention to a few things. The mushrooms are available all year round, but not always fresh. Therefore, make sure you are absolutely freshness when shopping. They must be nice and firm, the hat should either be closed or connected to the stem by the lamella skin.

If the hat is already open, the slats must be light and without stains. The slats get darker with age. The hat must also have no stains or pressure marks. When mushrooms are older, they become brownish and wrinkled.

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Where do mushrooms come from?

Mushrooms are also known as boarlings or angerlings and are popular worldwide. Mushrooms were discovered by French gardeners. The mushrooms come from the meadow mushrooms. The name also comes from French and simply means “mushroom”.

Mushrooms were once considered a delicacy that was reserved only for kings and nobles. It’s been quite a while. The mushroom has been cultivated since the mid-18th century. From the mid-1950s onwards, large plants were added. Today the mushroom is the most cultivated mushroom. In order for the mushroom to thrive, it must be dark.

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Poisonous mushrooms for dogs

Strictly speaking, mushrooms are not plants. Mushrooms are therefore not a vegetable at all because they are a living being. Nevertheless, they must not be missing from the human diet. On the contrary, they enrich the kitchens of the world and offer an enormous variety.

With all this variety, however, you must not forget that not all mushrooms are edible. Many mushrooms are even poisonous. Never feed raw mushrooms or those that you would no longer eat.

When walking through the forest you should keep an eye on your four-legged friend. Because not only edible mushrooms grow there. This also applies to mushrooms that grow in the garden. If you are not very familiar with mushrooms, you should not collect and eat forest and meadow mushrooms.

Rather, assume that these mushrooms are toxic to both humans and dogs. Because cultivated mushrooms are extremely unlikely to grow in your front yard.

The most popular mushroom is the mushroom. It is now specially bred and can be found all year round in the vegetable shelf in every supermarket . The next time you want to put mushrooms in the dog bowl, you can answer the question whether the mushrooms are healthy for your dog.

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