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Can dogs eat chocolate?

Why are dogs not allowed to eat chocolate? And how many grams would be fatal if your dog ate chocolate? Here you will find more about the symptoms of chocolate poisoning as well as a table with gram details.

How Much Chocolate Is Deadly for Dogs?

Filou was in the living room and was acting somewhat unusual. In the middle of the light carpet was a dark mass – vomit. Petra couldn’t figure out what had happened until she saw the empty box.

Filou is a small, cheeky Spitz hybrid. He hasn’t lived with Petra, his owner, for very long. She had taken him in because the alternative would have been the shelter. So she didn’t know all of his quirks yet. She had to find out recently what those were.

It was a normal afternoon when Petra came home from the office. But this time was a little different. Filou didn’t rush towards her like a madman to greet her. Or rather, to measure that she had already left him alone .

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Why are dogs not allowed to eat chocolate?

There was a box of chocolates on the table. This box was now broken down into its individual parts under the table. There was nothing left of the chocolates, except for a few chocolate tracks on the floor.

Filou threw up again while Petra was thinking about what to do. Then he swayed to the water bowl . He emptied it completely and then lay down on his favorite cookie. Fortunately, the vet gave the all-clear. The amount of chocolate that Filou had consumed was still in an area that was not fatal.

It was also positive that he had already vomited. Appropriate treatment was nevertheless initiated as a precaution. Since then, chocolate has only been in sealed boxes at Petra.

Chocolate is toxic to dogs

Filou was very lucky because chocolate is toxic to dogs. That is why dogs are not allowed to eat chocolate. The reason for this is the substance theobromine, which is contained in cocoa. Theobromine acts on the central nervous system of the animals.

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Symptoms of Chocolate Poisoning

At first, the symptoms are not noticeable. Vomiting and diarrhea occur. Many dogs also feel an increased urge to urinate and become restless. You drink a lot.

In severe cases:

  • Seizures,
  • increased blood pressure and
  • increased pulse rate,
  • the dog trembles ,
  • is restless and
  • has breathing problems.

These symptoms can ultimately lead to the dog’s death.

How bad is chocolate for dogs?

The first symptoms usually appear within two to four hours after ingestion. However, a small amount of chocolate that is fed regularly can be dangerous for your dog. Because the poison theobromine is only slowly broken down by the dog’s body. The toxin accumulates in the body through a continuous supply.

This can lead to hair loss or make the dog more susceptible to worms . Ultimately, even this long-term gift can lead to death.

How Much Chocolate Is Toxic to Dogs?

How and how strongly the dog reacts depends on many factors. This includes the age, the weight of the animal and the amount of chocolate. And especially the type of chocolate that your dog ate. Because the theobromine content of individual types of chocolate is very different.

The grams in this table apply to each kilogram of body weight:

  • 150 g milk chocolate,
  • 15 g dark chocolate with 70 percent or
  • 10 g block chocolate

White chocolate is harmless in comparison. It hardly contains theobromine. You should be careful with whole milk chocolate. In small dogs, even a bar of dark chocolate could be fatal. Basically, the more cocoa it contains, the more poisonous chocolate is for dogs.

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Is dog chocolate toxic too?

By the way, special dog chocolate is not a real alternative. It’s best to get used to not being able to eat chocolate at all. Dog chocolate contains a reduced amount of cocoa and therefore much less theobromine. For the most part, this chocolate consists of sugar . It is no wonder that dogs are very happy to accept this treat.

However, the high sugar content naturally affects the teeth and thus the long-term health of your four-legged friend. There are healthier variations as a reward, for example as homemade dog biscuits . They contain much less sugar and do not guarantee theobromine.

Poisoning in dogs, respond quickly

It is therefore optimal if you give your dog absolutely no chocolate. For dogs who like to help themselves, you should hide your sweet supplies well so that your companion does not get embarrassed.

Of course, it can always happen that a dog gets chocolate. If the amount is of concern, do not hesitate to take your animal to the vet. If this is not possible at the moment, try to make the dog vomit. Then you can give activated charcoal tablets , which should not be missing in any dog pharmacy .

These coal tablets bind poison and prevent it from being absorbed by the body. Despite these first aid measures, you should try to contact the veterinarian as soon as possible. The earlier treatment is started, the better the prognosis.

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