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Can dogs eat blackberries?

Did your dog eat blackberries on the last walk? In the Freundeskreis we know dogs that pick the delicious fruits themselves from the bushes. This is precisely why many dog ​​owners ask themselves the question: Can dogs eat blackberries at all?

Are Blackberries Healthy for Dogs?

Blackberries are rich in natural vitamins. Above all, they contain vitamins C, E and B group vitamins. The provitamin A content is particularly high .

Blackberries also contain proteins and carbohydrates. You can neglect the fat content of the fruit. Incidentally, the substance anthocyanin is responsible for the dark to almost blue-black color . This fabric also colors the cornflower blue.

Blackberries contain fiber, flavonoids and trace elements as well as minerals. They are particularly rich in calcium, potassium, copper and magnesium .

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Blackberries for the dog

With these ingredients, blackberries are an excellent addition to any daily dog ​​meal. Blackberries are ideal as an addition to a barf menu . Of course, your dog can harvest blackberries in the garden. Or you can simply use the fruit as a treat .

Just make sure your dog doesn’t eat too many blackberries. Because like every type of fruit, blackberries contain a lot of sugar. However, the sugar content is lower than that of other fruits and types of fruit .

Blackberries and blackberry leaves as medicine

The blackberry is not just a healthy snack for the dog. You can also use blackberries as a remedy. The blackberry is said to be diuretic.

In addition to the fruit, the leaves of the bramble are of great importance in medicine. Tea made from blackberry leaves is an excellent remedy for diarrhea.

In addition, blackberry leaf tea works against inflammation in the mouth and throat as well as inflammation of the skin. The reason for this is the tannins it contains. The leaves also contain fruit acids, vitamin C and flavonoids.

Blackberry bushes have thorns

Blackberries belong to the rose family , like many other types of berries. In Europe alone there are around 2,000 different types of this fruit. Most blackberry species are climbing plants that can grow up to half a meter to three meters high. Blackberry bushes have thorns that are both protection against animals and act as climbing aids.

Blackberries bloom from May to August. You can harvest ripe berries from August to September. Blackberries are found in all temperate regions of Europe, North Africa, Asia and North America. They can mainly be found in sunny to partially shaded places such as forest edges.

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Blackberries for the whole year

That is why you have the opportunity to fill our bellies with the small fruits during walks along the field and forest edges.

If you harvest blackberries from your own garden, make sure they are fresh and wash the berries well. If you then puree the berries or steam them lightly, your dog can use them optimally. Summer time is actually berry time. Strawberries , raspberries , gooseberries and blackberries not only taste great, they are also healthy and nutritious. These berries are not only tasty for us humans.

So that you have blackberries for your dog all year round, they can freeze or dry the berries. If you want to use the leaves, dry them and make tea from them. Incidentally, this is also an excellent natural medicine for us humans.

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