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Breaking! The Must-See Newly Released Short Film “M6nths” Shot From A Piglet’s Perspective On A Factory Farm Available For Limited Online Screening

To commemorate the first day of the Chinese New Year, The Year of the Pig, Compassion In World Farming (CIWF) is premiering M6nths, a remarkably powerful new short film that reveals the suffering that piglets endure on factory farms.

In support of the organization’s End The Cage Age campaign, the 12-minute-film will be available to view online for a two-week period beginning today. The film can be viewed online until February 18th HERE.

Filmed entirely from the point of view of a piglet being raised on a factory farm, the film M6nths is void of any comments or voice-over; delivering a unique perspective that shows the piglet as an individual, capable of feeling pain and joy. An innocent animal which when raised on a factory-farm is sadly recognized merely as a product.

“As we enter The Year of the Pig, could we resolve to get to know this intelligent animal better?” questions Dutch filmmaker Eline Helena Schellekens, who directed M6nths.

“M6NTHS shows life through the eyes of a piglet growing up on an industrial farm without ever experiencing the outside world,” Schellekens continued in a statement. “Our desires as ‘consumans’ to get a lot for a little are responsible for this life; would we make the same choices if we could look the piglet in the eye?”

As per CIWF, every year, across the UK and EU, an estimated 10 million sows and their piglets are locked up in cages at factory farms for weeks at a time.

“M6NTHS invites the viewer to think about how we rear and treat farm animals,” said CIWF Head of Campaigns, Sean Gifford. “As the film highlights, sows are often confined in cages across the continent, but they are not alone. Millions of other farm animals also spend much of their lives imprisoned in cages.”

As noted on the CIWF website, “cages are a desolate reflection on our society,” further explaining that 94% of people in Europe believe protecting the welfare of farm animals is important, and 82% believe farm animals should be better protected.

Launched in late September of last year, the network for the End the Cage Age European Citizens’ Initiative unites animal protection, farming, political and environmental organizations under a common banner, to improve farming across the continent by eliminating the use of cages.

The coalition is working to secure over one million signatures for the European Citizens’ Initiative against cages.

To join the movement to End the Cage Age:

UK residents should sign HERE!

If you are a citizen of the EU 27, please sign HERE!

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